Cali Heights Premium Cannabis

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Cali Heights Vape Carts

Our vape carts are inspired by our love of California and cannabis.

CaliHeights HybridCart 1g 1

Blue Dream

92% THC – Hybrid

CaliHeights IndicaCart g13 1g web


93% THC – Indica

CaliHeights HybridCart 1g 1

Jet Fuel

93% THC – Hybrid

CaliHeights SativaCart 1g Alo Haze web

Sour Diesel

92% THC – Sativa

CaliHeights LiveResin 1g THC Bomb 1G

Wedding cake

85% THC – Indica Live Resin

Acapulco Gold Sativa Vape Cart

Green Crack

92% THC – Sativa

CaliHeights IndicaCart 1g Dark Star


92% THC – indica

Brrr Berry Vape Cartridge

Mango Sorbet

79% THC – Hybrid Live Resin

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