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Brrr Berry Vape Cartridge

    Brrr Berry Brrr Berry Vape Cartridge The fast-finishing Indica-dominant strain is a cross of Blueberry and OG Kush and is sometimes called Berry OG Kush. The Brrr Berry Vape Cartridge top reported aromas of the Berry OG strain are sweet, woody, and earthy. And it is said to taste like sweet, flowery berries …

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Brrr Berry Vape Cartridge


Cali Heights Products Introducing The Cali Vape Carts Disposables Prerolls Concentrates Featured ON Previous Next Find Us Here Previous Next Why Cali Heights Cali Heights is California’s, House Brand.  Our roots are deep in the California  Cannabis culture.  Cali Heights is a hand-crafted cannabis brand started in Southern California with 20 years’ experience before cannabis …

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