Cali Heights Premium Cannabis

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Best Disposable Vape California

One time use vapes, with a twist. You can charge them!  100% cannabis cartridges by people, for people, who love California.  We are what Ca. cannabis is all about fun times with friends. These are the Best Disposable Vape in California.   

Snow Cone THC Disposable

Snow Cone

96% Pure THC     Sativa

GG THC Disposable


95% Pure THC     Hybrid

GDP THC Disposable


96% Pure THC     Indica

Candyland THC Disposable


96% Pure THC     Sativa

Bubba Kush THC Disposable

Bubba Kush

96% Pure THC     Indica

Afghan Cheese THC Disposable

Afgan Cheese

70% Pure THC     Live Resin

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